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       Deb and I and granddaughter Mady were out doing a nature walk today and then a little shopping.  We stopped at the local WAWA for a slushie and as we started to leave we see a nice Brass car leaving the pump.  I followed the gentleman to his home which ended up being less than a mile from mine.  The car was a 1914 Apperson Jackrabbit.  The gentleman said he was an AACA life member and he had just finished getting the car back on the road a week ago.  He had driven over 100 miles yesterday and today was just going for gas.  A great car to see and even greater to see it on the road!. The man stated he loves touring with his car!!.  I really admire him.  Made a new friend and a new car buddy!!  

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John Dillinger's father had a Apperson Jackrabbit.  Growing up John would barrow the car and have too much fun driving around, his nickname became "Jack Rabbit" wonder where that came from?


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