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Been researching my paint codes to find touchup paint and came across this chart. My '41 has paint code 576, and is 2-tone grey over blue. The body appears to be Monterey Blue as confirmed by the chart below. I was told, however, the top is Lancaster Grey but the chart below states it should be Pearl Grey (upper 576).  Anybody have any other info on 2-tones? Seems pretty clear the correct gray should be Pearl Grey.  Pretty cool chart, though if you need paint. 

  image [year] make model paint color name code   sample Ditzler PPG Dupont Martin Senour Sherwin Williams comment  
  G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Rainier Blue 561  C       10070, IM2042 93-1609, 246-5218        
  G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Verde Green 562  C       40072, IM1705 246-51252, 93-3390     also ppg IM419  
  G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Royal Maroon 563  C       50014 202-33039M, 161-21106M        
  G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Touquet Beige 567  C       30110 93-5761, 246-51125        
  G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Sienna Rust 568  C       70033 93-21646, 246-53293        
  G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Silver French Gray 572  C       30051, IM2073 210-53413     upper color  
  G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Permanent Red 577  C       70030 93-3516R, 246-51823R        
  G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Titian Maroon 578  C       50015, IM2179 93-20910M, 246-33031M        
  G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Black 560, 574  C       9001       lower 574  
  G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Monterey Blue 564, 576  C       10071, IM2069 202-53419, 181-21276     576 lower body  
  G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Lancaster Gray 565, 572  C       30111 210-36259, 181-21672     lower 572  
  G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Chenanga Gray 566, 573  C       30058, IM2243, 1648P 202-36381, 181-21496     573 upper  
  G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Ridge Green 569, 573  C       40046 202-53334, 181-20920     lower 573  
  G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Ludington Green 570, 575  C       40232, IM2074 93-20952, 246-53407 288 9205 upper 575  
  G B Y 1941 Buick Buick English Green 571, 575  C       40073, IM2071 93-20953, 246-53406     lower 575  
  G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Pearl Gray 574, 576  C       30071 210-53776     upper 574, upper 576  
  G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Mermaid Green 579, 580  C       40088 246-50902     upper 579  
  G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Cedar Green 579, 581  C       40089 246-50667     lower 579  
  G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Nightshade Blue 582, 583, 585  C       10095 202-51568     upper 582,lower 585  
  G B Y 1941 Buick Buick Yakima Gray 582, 584, 585  C       30079 1095, 246-55651, 93-55651     lower 582, upper 585  



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Here is some 1941 paint code info from the "Buick for 1941: Prices, Colors, Terms, Equipment, Accessories" booklet revised January 23,1941.

1941 Buick Paint Codes.jpg

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Thanks Sean; confirms Pearl Gray is right for my car.

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My paint code indicates that the car was originally black. It is now two-tone green. As best I can

determine the upper is Mermaid Green (580) and the lower is Ludington Green (570). The car was

repainted many years ago. I have no history on it.


The paint chip page for this car indicates that it was offered with code 575 (upper Ludington, lower English Green)

or code 579 (upper Mermaid green, lower Cedar green). Neither of these match my car, assuming my

eyes and those of a local automotive paint shop specialists are correct.


My engine bay is the same as the lower color (Ludington green). The chart you have indicates that

Sherwin Williams 9205 will work (or Dupont 93-20952 or 246-53407).


My local paint guy never found that. He estimates (by comparing chips he has) that it is close to

(and this is what he wrote down): Deck #6-1-01 Prospecto-, Chip # 6-1-2345-00, Paint Code - ESQ, car: Citroen.

He will mix that and then adjust by sight to my car. (I need to bring him a panel.)


A couple photos of my car are attached for reference.


My question is similar to yours: were custom two-tones available or did the factory always stick

to what is written in the paint charts and catalogs? Did someone repaint my car 'the way they

wanted it to look' or were they copying something that was available as an unadvertised option?

(Note: my wheels are black. With this color combination it looks like they should be maybe 

Ludington Green with a Cream stripe?)




hood 1024 by 966.jpg

full car 2048 by 1333.jpg

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I would need to double check the details, but my 1941 41SE is a two tone gray over blue as well.  I recall it as being Lancaster Gray over Monterey Blue, but the paint code on the body plate is a 1940 code.


From looking at 1940-Buick-pg02.jpg

it is code 551, Silver French Gray over Monterey Blue.


I don’t know if my car was special ordered, or someone saw and preferred the 1940 colours, or what.  I don’t have the data plate image at hand to see if there is a build date...perhaps it is an early 1941.


That just goes to say that there have been variations and we can never say never.  It’s difficult to absolutely say that something never happened or something always happened.


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