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Back in the day, if I remember correctly what I read, the NASCAR Buicks were running 358 cubic inch Chevy small block V8s equipped with Buick V6 inspired Dart heads.  Basically the same engine the other GM cars were using.  The advantage the Buick Regal had over the other intermediates was that the grill design created less drag than the other makes making them that hair faster. 

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Pete Reynolds and Tommy Ivo were very good friends. Tommy was at Reynolds Buick’s 95Th celebration.

The day prior Pete and his sons Don and John invited Karen and I out to Pomona Raceway for lunch with some of his friends. Tommy Ivo and several other drag race buddies happened to be there also.

Unbelievable week out there. Great memories.......

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Here's Tommy in an episode of Leave it to Beaver, appears to be real popular with the gals. Tommy seems to just be a great friendly type of guy period. Cool that you were able to rub shoulders with him @Softtop 


One of my most favorite Leave it to Beaver quotes was when June said "Ward, I think you were a little rough on the Beaver last night"






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On 2/10/2021 at 8:29 PM, MrEarl said:

I count 14


After a zoom, I also count only 14 pipes,

but looking at the base of the most forward stack on the right-hand engine, it appears flared to possibly cover a pair of exhaust ports,

and likely this is the case at the rleft-hand forward engine, as well,

so that may account for 14, rather than 16 exhaust stacks down the center-

NOW, I only see exhaust stacks on the outer side of the left-hand pair of engines, and none on the external pair on the right,

so is it all for show, rather than strictly functional?

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Pre Castro Cuba, Sagua - Havana racing, I previously posted the story about the other Buicks that participated in the 1955 race including the first place car. I just took a picture from a documentary that I was watching called “Havana Motor Club”. This car took 6th place according to the chart. The documentary tells the story of a group of Cuban street racers struggling to organize and resurrect the sport back in Castro’s Cuba under a national racing federation. Good free movie watch.



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Buick Wagon Master at York US 30 Dragway in 1966.

In the summer 0f 1966 I was a 16 year old car freak and my dad was the Sales Manager at Bratton Buick 150 North Beaver Street in York, Pa.   York US30 Dragway was at its peak in drag racing popularity.   Match races between funny cars and dragsters, and exhibition runs by specialty cars was a big draw for spectators. 

Some time ago the Buick Bugle had a book review by Helen Hutchings on the Tommy Ivo dragster which was powered by 4 Buick engines.  I can’t recall what issue it was, nor can I find it.  I remember that article leaving me thinking was that the dragster that Bratton Buick sponsored for some exhibition races at York US 30 in the summer of 1966?  After digging out some old photographs (black and white unfortunately) the answer is “Yes”.   I did some internet searching and found the following web site:              

(http://www.speedhunters.com/2009/07/guest_blog_tony_thacker_nhra_museum_gt_gt/)  Check it out.  It seems that race opportunities were getting less frequent for Tommy Ivo and his dragster as the Funny Cars became more popular, and in 1963 he sold his car to one of his crew members  who after a period of time thought the car needed bodywork to compete with racers of the day. The photos I have are a publicity photo showing the whole car.  It was painted yellow at the time.  You’ll see by the on-line article that it got wilder as time went on.  I took photos of the front, rear and sides of the car plus a shot from the balcony in the showroom. 

The car made some exhibition runs at US30 Dragway while it was in York. When I pulled out these old pictures there was one of the car making a pass, but taken from the grandstand, with my little Kodak Instamatic camera, it was pretty small.  All 4 tires were smoking.   I misplaced that picture, but there are plenty in the on line article, that show what the Riviera WAGON_MASTER could do.

Jim Smith   BCA #3566



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1 hour ago, jsmittie41 said:

Some time ago the Buick Bugle had a book review by Helen Hutchings on the Tommy Ivo dragster which was powered by 4 Buick engines.  I can’t recall what issue it was, nor can I find it.

Here is the book in question



by Tom Cotter. If you haven't read Tom's barn find books they are great. Tom lives just up the road from me and he is a great guy!

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