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Identify bendix tail light as Doodlebug

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Sorry...nope, it’s not the Doodle Bug scooter taillight. 


The one in your photo is for a Whizzer. The two prongs on the back are like that to fit a bicycle fender and the piece that extends from the bottom (with the screw in it) bolts to the bottom center of a bicycle fender. 


The taillight and license plate bracket unit for a Doodle Bug is not a Bendix, by the way. Bendix only had a generator and headlight for the Doodle Bug scooter which was just an automotive fog lamp fitted with a handlebar clamp. The taillight used with the Bendix kit was usually a Nu-Ray Jr. The Doodle Bug version of the taillight you have is actually a Do-Ray taillight. It could be used with the Bendix generator and headlight, but there was a Do-Ray headlight available also to match  (plus a Make-a-Lite set that used a battery). 


Yours is similar (I have one also) but not the same as the Do-Ray unit for a Doodle Bug. 

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