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1941 Buick Parts


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Sold my 1941 Bucik Super 51 several years ago, but still have the following parts. Front Parking Light Lenses. One set still in the box asking 25.00 for the set. Have another set of parking light lenses that are good, but not as "sharp" but not broken, chipped, etc. Asking 20.00 for this set. Als have 2 headlight doors still in the origional Guide boxes. However, the doors plating is not perfect. Very light pitting, but very servicable. Asking 20.00 for the set. Also have two right tail light lenses and one left. Asking 10.00 each. Also have one set of trunk hinges. The hinges are servicable but would need replated to be show quality. Asking $35.00 for the set. Call Brent at 865-579-7152 for more information. Please call before 9PM eastern or call on weekends.

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