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Midwest City, OK photos

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7 hours ago, Pete Phillips said:

This forum program only allows me to load up one photo per post, and then only two posts, so sorry, everyone will have to wait until tomorrow for more photos. I am too tired to fight it tonight.

Pete Phillips


 See you Wed.  Had NO doubt the '46 would make the trip. None.


  I have no problem  [other than locating what I want  ]  posting more than one. Using your phone or laptop?



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Thanks for the posts Pete.  The forum picture capabilities are definitely a challenge.  When I have a lot to post I reduce the resolution to 1600 x 1600, and often back out of the thread and then re-enter to post the next batch.  The quality suffers some but I think they are acceptable and for those of us who couldn't be there, very much appreciated. 

Besides, it gives us a chance to anticipate the better photos  in the Bugle while wishing we could be there now.  At any rate, thanks for posting, and glad the 46 performed well.  Good luck with the rest of the Meet!

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On 6/10/2019 at 10:42 PM, Pete Phillips said:

Perfect weather here and my '46 Roadmaster made it under its own power, didn't miss a beat, but threw off one hubcap somewhere along the way.



Yup...at least the one we threw wan’t a Buick hub cap.


Without downloading an app, I can’t edit photos from the camera as it is presently set enough to them here (just have the iPad this time around).  When I get home and transfer them to computer is another story.  I want to give Pete the best resolution to work with in case any of theme are Bugle-worthy.


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16 minutes ago, Thriller said:

Perhaps I'll give up....




sometimes works to sign out and back in


some great pictures thanks for having the patience to post on here, I feel your pain, in fact we all do I think

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