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1930 Oldsmobile Running Board Molding and Mat sources

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In my search for parts to restore my Running Boards on my 1930 Oldsmobile Deluxe Patrician I found two sources for the parts I needed.


L&L Antique Auto Trim in Pierce City, Mo had the moldings I needed in stock. Their phone number is (417) 476-2871 They have a Facebook page with their catalogue that showed what each year’s molding looks like.


Northfield Ltd in Northfield, OH had the correct Mat pattern for my 1930 Oldsmobile (the same pattern as the 1930 -31 Buick) in stock. Their phone number is 440-786-8141 and their webpage is http://www.northfieldltd.com/index.html


These two items were very hard to find and took many hours of research to find these two suppliers. I hope this information can be of use to others.


This is my 1930 Oldsmobile Patrician.


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