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An Emotional Homecoming

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After three seemingly long and challenging years, I was finally able to bring my grandfather's Zephyr home.  My able-bodied mechanic and I have traveled back and forth to my place of business where I have been fortunate enough to be able to store and to work on my car about 25 miles from my house.  By another stroke of good luck, my mechanic lives relatively close to me in case the old girl needs some extra TLC.


The mechanics of the vehicle are well in hand.  Now on to the cosmetics.  The body and the interior need quite a bit of work.  The road ahead is still long but the way is clear.


It was an overwhelmingly euphoric moment to back my 1938 Lincoln Zephyr in to my own garage and it is not one that I am likely to forget.  I cannot help but feel a deep debt of gratitude to my humble mechanic for his perseverance and his exceptional skill.  I have learned quite a bit from him.


Thank you, John Morgan for making this dream of mine, this homecoming possible.

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It looks pretty sweet- and in my opinion if it drives, now you are able to tinker and fix as you go, Enjoy!

It is refreshing to see people flock to look at the weathered original car as much as the 99 pt restore job.

lets see what your working with, looks very clean, how are the floors??


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