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While under my 1941 Continental, I noticed that there is a small hole in the oil pan, and what might be the two arms of a cotter pin go through the hole and are each bent 90 degrees so they are snug against the pan.  The hole is only large enough for these arms of the cotter pin.


The parts book does not give me any idea why.  There's plenty of oil down under the engine but I don't think this hole is the source.


Can anyone explain?



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The rear main seal consists of a series of baffles that reduces leakage at best, but I suspect

the obvious main reason is to allow the clutch an outlet for any water / road debris to wash out and not in,

the cotter is a primitive check valve so to speak...Oil pan is sealed like any other machine, clutch is in rear of oil pan.

You must remove oil pan to remove flywheel.


--The first mod. many of us do to our 12's is grind off the baffle, or as they call it , slinger- replace with v-8

style positive modern rope seal...

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