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1932 Franklin Steering Box


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Does anyone know if any other year steering box will fit a 1932 Franklin.  Mine is an odd one and doesn't take the rebuild kit.  Or might someone have a 1932 Gemmer steering box for sale.






1932 Franklin


Leslie, MI

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Many of the 32 Series 16A used the Gemmer box. I have one of the later  1932 production 16A in my shop and it's Gemmer was rebuilt by D. Pratt, the maker of the Club's Gemmer kits.


I recommend that you advertise for a Gemmer box on the Franklin Club's website and in the Club's "Service Station"  bulletin. It will reach all the Franklin members not just those who come to this site.


FYI, the outer tube, steering shaft, and hand control tubes, come in different lengths to match the body style. You need to measure yours and find one that matches those lengths.



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