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Saw some cars at Portland International Raceway Beaches Show Today

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The 50 Shoebox brought back memories of sifting through so many parts to take pics for sale and then finding so many duplicates. You guys should remember all the posts to identify the parts to the Shoebox and Jeepster, especially. Then there was the clay bar and waxing to get the car shiny again after sitting so long and getting the haze off. I still have some engines, trim, etc. for them, but gave most to the young man who bought the car. Will likely give him the rest. It was very cool to see a nice one together. I feel I have a close, personal relationship with this model. Really any that I had to learn enough about to sell, but the projects took more effort. 

The rest of the pics were fun to see also. I had Patsy and she was a handful as she didn’t get enough exercise before, so I didn’t take many pics. There were close to 1k cars. It’s a weekly event and it was opening day. There were a few rain drops so not as many people as normal, but a respectable crowd. 



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