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New Member/New TC Owner. Porthole repair question

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Greetings. Last month I bought a 45K 1991 TC Maserati and joined TC America. Beautiful arctic white with ginger interior. Overall in very nice condition, interior is like new. A car I've wanted since I was 15, finally own one. While like any old car it needs some attention. I can handle the mechanical bits but there are a few body/trim issues. Main one being the common "Foggy Portholes". the left side is very good but the right is very foggy or cloudy. I've done a little research but having a hard time finding a proper procedure to repair this issue. Any help or tips are welcome. 


I am also looking for a white front right fender. The previous owner had a little "parking mishap" and left a ugly 4" crease in it.


Thank you 


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The fogging is due to a film layer between the glass panes. In order to "fix" this, you have to remove the outer pane, *carefully* remove the deteriorated film, then silicone the pane back into place.


I've not heard of anyone trying this, but it might also be possible to reinstall the outer pane using UV curing epoxy (smart phones use this for their screens...or some of them used to if they don't anymore).

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Got around to doing the portholes. Used the heat gun trick and it worked like a charm. The right side popped right out (pictured with the removed foggy silicone), the left side took some patience for it to separate but got it off. Cleaned off the old silicone and applied a golf ball size glob of some Lexel clear silicone sealant.  It's gotta cure for a few weeks, which is okay because the top is currently off. Will update with the finished product. 




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Had to put the hard top back on as the TC has been temporarily kicked out of the garage. The finished porthole repair, pretty good, just a few small air bubbles I couldn't get out. I suppose I should have cleaned it up  before taking the picture, but its a 110% improvement. 


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