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NOS Mopar Mirror Identification Flawless

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This NOS Mirror arrived in the wrong box.  It is definitely NON Remote.  The Numbers on the underside are as follows.   5-DMI-6   on the Glass.    3796633    55062    51322  on the underside.  This is a Gorgeous Manual Mirror.  Any help would be great. It belongs on a great car and not on my shelf.  Thank You.   # 3871560  (on the Box) is Not the correct part number of this Mirror.

5-DMI-6  3796633  55062  51322 f.JPG

5-DMI-6  3796633  55062  51322 a.JPG

5-DMI-6  3796633  55062  51322 b.JPG

5-DMI-6  3796633  55062  51322 c.JPG

5-DMI-6  3796633  55062  51322 d.JPG

5-DMI-6  3796633  55062  51322 e.JPG


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3796633 is the casting on the base...but the base was not serviced it was part of the mirror


go to Google and put it in this way


3796633 Mopar


you will see a number of posts on it


I have it in my inventory as the casting # of 4299237 


Left CHROME MANUAL MIRROR  1984-89 M Body (RWD) I have 5 NOS


hope that helps!!!!

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