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Windshield Replacement - Flat Glass

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I was able to replace the windshield on my 1925 Buick.  Here are some tips that I learned along the way.    If you install it yourself, or have it installed I hope this will help you.     Hugh   







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Nicely done Hubert. 

I had a local club member do my 1915 Buick windshield.  It was a bit "spendy"; slightly over $575. 

I was shocked at how much it cost, but this guy's primary business is custom glass for hot rods.

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I went through a similar process to put a windshield in my 31 8-66S Special Coupe.  For cars before 1930 you will probably have to find a glass supplier to work with and get the glass custom cut.  For flat glass windshields starting with 1930 for Buick you might want to consider The Glass Man- ClassicFlatGlass.com in Placerville, CA http://www.classicflatglass.com/Index.aspx  They have complete listings of flat glass for Buick starting with 1930.  They make the glass from original drawings.  They will either mark your glass with the currently acceptable safety glass marking or if you sign a waiver will produce the glass without the markings but give you a receipt stating it is safety glass which is the only kind of glass they do. They were cheap- windshield shipped to my door in an engineered protective cardboard box in about 3wks and for less than $250.   I then found a bargain closeout on the steel frame for my windshield  which is framed in 1/2" CR Laurence steel channel and ordered glazing tape from Bob Drake,  Bob's and Steele had the rubber base gasket.  I used Steele glass run for the sides which is available in a width that will accommodate the CRL steel frame channel.  I went from  a car with no windshield or seals and regulator board with a broken regulator to a car which now has a windshield that cranks up easily for my effort.

Wshld 0017.JPG

Wshld 0023.JPG

Wshld 0028.JPG

Wshld 0034.JPG

Wshld 0050.JPG

Wshld 0060.jpg

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