Looking to have literature hauled from Rockport MA & Skowhegan ME to Lake George NY

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I've sorted it all out,  though alot was somewhat categorized, so I didn't have to dig through everything.  I'm now resorting it into boxes by make and years to make it most manageable.  Here are some close ups of the better finds.  Yes there is a little muscle car stuff as well,  but I really like the older brochures better. 

Lots of truck stuff I'm currently listing on ebay, from about 1930 and up,  Reo White Mack Federal some other lesser known makes.  Of course I also got a pile of GMC Ford Dodge IH and Chevy truck stuff from about 1930 right up through the 80's Which I culled off everything after about 80 to 83.  Car stuff except maybe a little firebird Camaro Viper etc.  all got pulled post 74. 

I just found out I have a chance at another lot for even more money but suppose to be much rarer and more desirable stuff.  That looks like around 1500 pieces.  I'm still waiting on details but need to do some serious selling to work my way back up.  

Not as much Packard or Cadillac stuff as I had hoped or expected.  Barely any early independent stuff either pre 30.  Surprising the amount of single pieces I got though.  Some duplicates but lots of one of pieces.  I was happy there was quite a bit of pre 60 stuff. 

I'm still not sure how many pieces I have that I didn't cut.  Maybe 5000 or more.  Atleast I hope.  

Now remember these teaser photos show some of the best.  Lots of regular cheap pieces as well.  

These will all be available at an opening bid on 99% at 2.99 and no reserve.  They all sell no matter how much I cry when nice pieces only get the opening 2.99 bid.  Also I do combined shipping and do ship media mail.  So buy 50 brochures and it's about 9.00 anywhere in the country shipped in a nice literature mailer.  You can even run that tab for a few weeks to help fill the box. 











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I also found out the day after this load arrived, two other lots I have been working on came through so another 1000 pieces headed in for another $3000.  

It's funny I had a guy email me through a craigslist ad I had and offer me a well worn 55 Lincoln owner's manual.  He said if I wasn't interested he would probably just put it on ebay.  So I politely responded,  that I buy to resell on ebay so he would probably get a better price just selling it himself as I wouldn't be able to pay him much for it.  It's a 5 to 10.00 item at best.  He wrote me back and asked why I even had my ad on Craigslist if I'm not buying stuff like his and I must not buy much literature or pay much money for it.  This was right after I made the other two deals and would have spent $15,000 buying literature for the Month. I politely set him straight after that and told him to sell the darn thing on ebay,  because I wasn't even interested in buying it. 

I don't burn bridges as the same guy with something crappy might just come across something nice some day.   You do get a bit irritated sometimes though. 

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