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Chevrolet carburetors for sale

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I have quite a few Carter carburetors for Chevrolet, some original equipment, others the popular YF replacements. These are cores that I planned to rebuild, but way too busy to rebuild, even my own carburetors. So offering these for sale as is, with one of our major rebuilding kits.

Some of these are actually rebuilt by someone else, some are used cores. All will be sold as cores, with the major rebuilding kit. Some of these I have more than one. Once I sell out of a number, I will not be acquiring more. All will have throttle and choke shafts which turn freely, nothing is seized.

Prices listed below include postage to all addresses in the 48 contiguous United States. When comparing prices, remember that our 100 percent USA major overhaul kits are approximately $80~85, and postage is going to be in the $20~25 range, so take these into account.

W-1 carbs:

420s - $300.
574s - $325.

Also have many earlier W-1's which are totally restored, and priced accordingly. CALL on these.

YF carbs:

756s - $250.
787s - $250.
788s - $350.
789s - $300
964s - $250.
965s - $225.
966s - $350.
2100s - $400.

965s - new old stock in original Carter box - $400.

MasterCard/VISA accepted without penalty.

Trades: NO carburetors, cars, or car parts wanted (with 150,000 carbs, I just don't need more wink ) Will consider trades for U.S. gold and silver coins. No other coins or anything else considered.

Here is a link to my website showing applications of the YF carbs:

573-392-7378 (9-12, 1-4 Mon-Tues central time).


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