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1926 Packard Sedan, Where is it Now?

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Going through some old photos I was reminded of this 1926 Packard 6 cylinder 4-door sedan from Chattanooga, Tennessee.  It was a "barn find" with less than 200 original miles; still had the protective paper on the door panels, the 1926 license tag and had never had the gas tank refilled -- still remnants of the original fuel from the dealer, I understand. The car belonged to Jim Messer who did a complete restoration. In those days only a restored car would win the AACA trophies and this one was awarded many. It is only recently that preservation of original features has become the norm. The photos are from 1962.  The most distinctive feature is the spotlight mounted through the windshield glass. You can see it in the photo if you look closely.


I'm sure this Packard must still be around and I wonder if the current owner knows the interesting story behind the car and why it was never put into service.  If you know who owns this Packard please don't use the owner's name on the forum without his/her permission but send me a Private Message. I have the serial and engine numbers to be sure it is the same car. 




Packard 1926 RF.jpg

Packard 1926 R.jpg

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