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Old Buick Estate Wagon, scrap or sell?

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I have an old Buick Estate Wagon 1978 inherited. 


Im not a classic car person but it was very important to the original owner. Not sure if it's worth selling or scrapping?


i don't no have the resources to restore cars and it needs a new engine. And such. 


Just wondering what my options are?

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A guy here picked up one for for $700 just for some tailgate parts and some nicer trim pieces.

He sold it to a fellow in Texas for $700 and is now on its way to become a parts car for wagon #3.

All the adds were done on Craig's list under "car parts"

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I wouldn't mind having one of those myself if it was half way decent. They were a good car, parts are available, not hard to fix. Some pics and better description would help. Does it run? Is it complete, not wrecked or rusted out?  Be a shame to junk it if someone can use it.

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