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2019 Back to the Bricks - Flint Michigan

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I would like to attend, likely as a spectator. Looks like the sites mostly have 2018 info up still. Any maps of parking or suggestions for hotels, etc? Looks like a lot of ground to cover with different events held in different areas.

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There are a number of hotels around the area.  If you would like to see some of the activities for the Woodward Dream Cruise, you might want to look for a hotel in the Grand Blanc area.  Easy drove to Woodward/ M1 which starts in Pontiac and goes to about 8 mile in Detroit and sometimes farther.  I would get a reservation early as the typical crowd that week in SE Michigan approaches 1 million.

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Just got home in light rain from Flint and Back to the Bricks, thanks to Buicktown chapter of the Buick Club of America,  Bev and I had a great time.  Mostly people caught my interest, my friends Mr Chevrolet, Pinky Randall and Joyce in front of their 1914 Chevrolet light 6, a fellow dressed in WW2 garb, a procession of veterans and there were cars too.  Thanks again Buick Club of America for the invitation, we had a great time Saturday.


Regards, Gary






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