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Camshaft oil '27 Standard

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Can anyone tell me how, on a 1927 Standard motor the rear camshaft bearing gets oil? The ’27 motor differs from the ’26 as they added little oil reservoirs that feed oil to the front 3 bearings but the rear bearing is a mystery to me. There is a mystery hole behind the last lifter that seems to lead to the rear camshaft bearing but there is no hole in the bushing for oiling.



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It should be described in the Reference Book. I only have the '28 Reference Book. 

The front camshaft bearings are lubricated by oil carried to the timing gear case, from the pump through the filter by pipes and the rocker arm shaft.

Rear cam bearings are lubricated by oil thrown off from the connecting rod bearings.


In the '27 Shop Manual I did not find anything about the mystery whole or a detailed description of rear cam lub.

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