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1938 Buick Roadmaster or 1937 Cadillac

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Never thought to post this here, but why not. . .


I'm looking for a comfortable closed car of the 1930's.  Looked at Packards, Pierces, Cadillac. . .  but don't want a car approaching six figures.  Want a good quality car that can be used as a grocery-getter.  Just have fun driving, owning, sitting in the back seat. 


One car I like is the Buick for various reasons.  And the '38 is my favorite.  And of that, the Roadmaster has the size and feel that I'm after,

To make matters worse, I really want a car WITHOUT sidemounts.  No sidemounts.  Most people like them.  I don't.  I'm a bit odd, I guess.


The other very handsome car in my mind is a 1937 Cadillac.  Again, I like the bigger car, like the 70-series.  And NO sidemounts.  Probably impossible to find such a car.


So there you have it:  '38 Buick Roadmaster or '37 Cadillac 70-Series with no sidemounts.  Must be turn key, ready to drive.  Nicer the better. 


Thanks --- Luke

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If you want an old Buick, there are a few '38's and lots of similar '37's and a bunch of '40's for sale on

Both originals and rest-o-mods in various stages of completion.

Question is, do you want a project or a finished car ?

How mechanical are you ?   DO YOU KNOW HOW TO SET POINTS ?

What is your budget ? That is the big one.

Want a '31 Chrysler roadster for $75K that you can take to Pebble beach or do you want a decent driver you can "putz" with on weekends ?

Your wallet will tell you where on this line you land.


Keep in touch and let us know what you find.


Mike in Colorado


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The Buick is a good choice and gives a lot of bang for the buck.


I thought you were pretty clear with what you want. A done car in #2 condition for hauling groceries..........

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