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Generations of Treasures

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Hello everyone, I’m new to this page but not new to old cars. My grandfather had ran a parts car business for early model T’s all the way to late 50’s vehicles for the last 40 year in South Dakota. I grew up in his junk yard and love to learn and see what is still out there. I started my own salvage yard in the summer of 2018 in Wyoming and have been trying to get into the parts business more and more. I hope to learn a lot from this page, I know there are individuals on here with more knowledge than I could ever imagine having. 




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 Must be a whole different political world in Wyoming to be able to start a Salvage yard.  Here in the East I imagine it's near impossible to get a license for such an endeavor.  That's before even getting to the environmental impact studies they would want before even applying for such a license.  We don't have to  worry too much around here as the environment is not very good for outside storage of cars.  They tend to disintegrate in quick order so the salvage window is real narrow. 


Show us some pictures of what you have acquired so far.  Lots of guys here looking for bits and pieces. 

To stay in business you may need to go the evilbay route as well atleast to gain exposure and keep a steady income.  

Good luck in your business venture.

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Just now, auburnseeker said:

 Must be a whole different political world in Wyoming to be able to start a Salvage yard. 


More people live in Sacramento than live in all of Wyoming. Even if you were breaking the law, how could they possibly find you in all that vast landscape?

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