1975 chevy nova running issues. Stalling. Carburetor.

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I go to stop and the car gets a lot quieter, while driving if I accelerate even a little bit its good for a second and then pressure in the gas pedal just sinks and disappears, then I am basically coasting until I let off of the gas and wait a second and I can continue to barely touch the gas to keep it running smooth. I have turned the fuel and air mixtures, maybe that is the reason I am having so many carb problems, idk anything really so I need help.  Also sometimes when I turn off the car it will do a rumble and shake afterwards. I hope all these problems are carb related and not cause from the engine. Vacuum issue too ? I just dont know. Please help me figure out how to get my car running smooth. I am sure getting it fuel injected would solve it all.

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(1) Compression test - if bad STOP and address the issue

(2) Assuming compression was good - ignition test - points (if needed), set dwell, set timing (set dwell FIRST)

(3) Since you have played with the mixture screws, try suggested initial setting - in until thumb tight, then out 2 1/2 turns.

(4) Start, warm to operating temperature, then test vacuum at idle.


Assuming you have the original carb, it is the least likely of everything to be the problem!



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Starving for fuel.

When you are asking for more power it will need more gas.

Does this carburetor have that tiny filter right at the fuel inlet at the carburetor. I have seen guys tear their hair out because they didn't know about that filter.

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