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1936 Oldsmobile 3 Window Coupe

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I picked up this 36 coupe and I’m not sure what it’s worth, I can’t find much information on it online. I found a little bit of information in my spotters guide but other than that it’s kind of a mystery to me. Any information would be great, thanks. 


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It has a motor and transmission, not sure when the last time and ran. The interior is in pretty good shape, most of the original wood is in it and still looks good. Most of the material however is gone, it rolls and steers really well. 

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Might be good for a Hot Rodder to buy as a base, but not much interest otherwise.  For any possible restoration, this would need the straight 8 cylinder in it and I doubt - but do not know 100% for sure - this model came with anything but a flat 6.  Yes, you may describe this as a nice project car but there is virtually NO market for anything but completed cars.  And, a 1936 Oldsmobile in number 3 "driver" condition might get $10,000 on ebay.  To restore this car to that level makes it unappealing. Anything is possible, but this model is not on anyone's bucket list for restoration projects.  I think it's a $500 car.


There is an 8 cylinder 1939 Buick Century on CL, and was heavily discussed with photos on the Buick Buy Sell forum a little further up, and that car has no interest at $1500.  The 39 Buick Century rode on a 126 inch wheelbase and had the same, but longer, classic coupe shape, and no interest.  There has been such low interest in 1936 Oldsmobiles that parts to restore are scarce, making the restoration of this one unpleasant. 


$500 as is where is and maybe a bit more if thrown on ebay with the hot rodder in mind. 

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An additional consideration towards ascertaining a value is knowing whether or not the car is a business coupe or a sport coupe.

Business coupes had a trunk, while sport coupes had a rumble seat.

Each bodystyle was available in the short wheelbase 6-cylinder and long-wheelbase 8-cylinder platforms.

Does the car have a six or an eight?  Trunk or rumble seat?

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9 hours ago, jfh1959 said:

Wondering what you done with your 36 olds .

I am looking for bumpers and a seat for one.

If you are interested in selling any parts let me know          

Jim, it`s been a month since the original poster, whirlwind95, has visited. You might receive a faster response if you send him a personal "Message". This way he will receive an email.

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