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OIL pressure / relief / hydraulic lifters

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I corrected 2 self induced errors while tinkering this spring with my L-Z caused by my expectation of oil

pressure loss and noisy valve action. The real neat thing about these cars is that they are just as cool under

the hood as over, I mean the awesome 110 horse engine with the odd, but bullet proof ignition, dual water-pumps, coils,

and all those head nuts, but it has to be quiet.

I remember Les Keaton, old race car legend with a 37 Coupe

could balance  a nickel on edge on the rad cap while engine running...all you here are generator brushes slight click as they trace 

a fresh armature /commutator. 

--Oil pressure for the lifters is filtered and metered in the back of the block, a tiny "jet" or orifice prevents

over blowing lifters and causing excessive oil misting in valve spring valley, the oil then exits the lifter

rail to a ball which opens at 2lb or so pressure, and trickles on timing gear.  

   I mistakenly upped the pressure on that spring, caused a worn  / noisy timing gear, and noisier lifters,

due to lack of actual hydraulic flow, we will see, haven't run it much yet..it did not change oil pressure at all,

apparently the lifters do not require great volumes of oil..





dri gear.JPG

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