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Two lots of literature hauled from Rockport MA & Skowhegan ME to Lake George NY

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I have two lots of literature comprised of about 26 File Folder boxes each  of car literature that I recently Acquired.  One is in Rockport MA and the other is in Skowhegan  ME.  I need them both moved either together or separately within the next month to me here in Lake George NY.  Both are paid for and ready to go with a few days notice. 

These would be a great back haul for someone headed to Maine then back again toward NY state. 

They would each about fill the back of a full size pickup with an 8 foot bed with a cap.  Figure around 50lbs or less a box so each load should weigh around 1300 pounds.  They also could be moved seems easily in a one car hauler or smaller enclosed trailer.  

If you are interested in moving both or either lot,  let me know.  

Some care would needed to be used in loading just so you don't stack them in a way that will damage any of the literature in the boxes underneath.   There is a huge Motorcycle Rally in Lake George the week after this coming one.  If you or a friend had extra room it would be a good way to help pay for the trip or make some extra spending cash.  Looking to spend about $600 per lot for shipping.   So $1200 for the pair if you decided to haul both.  I don't have the time to run after them. 

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Still looking to have these lots moved.  I had a possibility I was working on but it has fallen through.

The Bike Rally is Americade if anyone knows anyone headed this way.  It starts Monday. 

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