gerard down unda

Plymouth side valve 1938 with SU Carbs

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I've been racing a 1938 Plymouth 217 side valve in pre war competition for 14 years and can't quite catch all the Ford V8's 

I wish to build another car Miller style with Plymouth 230 cu 23" block 

I would like to run triple SU Side drafts . To comply with CAMS regulations in group K ( Pre War) I need to provide evidence of similar carbs fitted to race cars with side valve Chrysler engine in period 

Evidence needs to be ample to convience regulators 


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Try the technical category in the forum for your question.  I don’t think the library will respond without a formal request for their services.

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@gerard down unda Hi Gerard. Sorry for not seeing this until now. Can you please send an email to Matthew Hocker (me) at with more information/details? The library does offer research services for $30 per hour, plus a $10 processing fee. AACA members receive their first 1.5 hours of research for free.


I would need to discuss things with you further to determine what your precise needs but, based on what you are looking for, this sounds like it might be on the longer side timewise. Drop me an email when you have a chance, and I'll see what we can do.


Thanks and best regards,

Matthew Hocker

Assistant Librarian



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