Truck on Ferry

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Creator: Wood, Reginald, (compiler.)

Published: [ca. 1880-ca. 1930]

Physical Description:1 transparency : glass lantern slide ; 8.3 x 8.3 cm.

Summary: Victoria, Australia. Shows truck with canvas cover on the back, two men in uniform (not military) standing either end of the ferry, two men in suits standing either side of the truck.


I'm thinking schoolkids or sports team going somewhere.

Can the truck be identified?

Truck on Ferry.jpg

Truck on Ferry_2.jpg

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That's what I thought at first, but the images I checked had parallel radiator surround sides, where this truck above, the radiator surrounds seem to slope in  at the sides?


pic, 1923 Dodge Graham Canopy Express.


1923 Dodge Graham canopy express.jpg

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Could be an Ambulance with the roll down curtains, the uniforms, and the bell.

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The young man on the left with his back 3/4 to the camera appears to be wearing puttees (woollen bandage-like wrapping  around his lower leg and boots). British troops (and ours) wore them in WWI. The chap on left with scruffy overcoat may have them too as does the fellow at the back facing the camera. The youngsters are wearing caps that look like our school cap - useless $%^&*^ things.


By the time I got to High School, the "Military Cadet" training was no longer done at our school. I wonder if these fellows are in a school cadet unit on an outing somewhere?  This may even be during WWI because that radiator with headlight bar appears to have been in use from 1918.

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