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Two piece windshield rubber installation details.

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I am getting ready to install my safety glass, and I have all the rubber pieces now.  I am needing some help on the weatherstrip details for the moveable windshield section.  This is a 1925 Buick Standard. 

1) Where does the hourglass weather stripping end?  At the top of the bottom glass, which leaves a 1/4" gap on each side of the windshield to the frame, or does it run up to the pivot?  

2) Which way does the windshield divider rubber get installed?  (A or B )  On the upper or lower glass?

All the windshield rubber set me back $180 with shipping so I wanted to get all the cuts correct.   

Any photos are appreciated.    Thank you,    Hugh 


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After a discussion with Larry DiBarry, he pointed out a detail that I had not realized was available with rubber in 1925 and perhaps earlier.  The rubber seals between the glass and at the base of the windshield had ends attached to them.  Now we only get them as a middle extrusion and loose end pieces.  Part # 180025 was a single long piece of h shaped rubber with end caps attached.  I do believe that this assembly was installed on the bottom glass.  The rubber seal that runs across the cowl also had ends attached to it.  Part # 170228.   I was not aware that they were molding rubber at that time in history.   The parts photos are from the 1925 Buick Standard Book of Parts.  Also attached is photo that I found on the internet that shows the installation with the end caps.   The moveable windshield has no rubber on the sides.  


Below this I also found in the 1923 4 cylinder book of parts that the end caps existed in 1923 as part number F-168x3950, and it states that this part is "lower windshield glass upper weatherstripping".   






This is a link to windshield replacement that has revised instructions.




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I found that the trunk lid seal from a modern car makes a great windshield to cowl seal.  It even has the feature to clamp on the proud edge of the cowl on my 1923. 

$2 at the bone yard. 

Trim length to fit. Nice fat bulb cross section. 

Been running mine for 20+ years. 

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Hugh Here is some pictures of mine.My car didn't have any side rubber on the top glass when I bought it.and the rubber seal between the glass has the lip on the inside so the top glass will close all the way.Somebody had replaced this rubber and left it much too long and I trimmed it .It could have been a inch or so longer but it had been too long for so long that it wouldn't lay down right.I hope this will help you.




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