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Headlight question

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Probably a stupid question but are there any headlights that could be made to fit a TC without looking too terrible? My TC has a hole in the headlight glass on the driver's side from a rock being thrown from a dump truck & won't pass my state's safety inspection even if I used clear sealant. I cannot afford the $150+ that everybody seems to want for one & cannot drive without an inspection sticker. I am desperately trying to figure something out before my inspection runs out next month as my TC is my 1 & only means of transportation. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Might have to ghetto rig something temporarily until I can afford to replace it properly.

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Try a different inspection station. Really. There is no law that says that you have to use any specific station, at least here in Va. Different inspectors have varied interpretations of the inspection laws. Unless it is a blatant and dangerous fault, some inspectors may seem it as trivial and pass it. And even if you get a rejection sticker, you do not have to take it back to that same station to get it re-inspected. Just scrape that  "stinky-pinky" off and take it to another station.  Worked for me multiple times.


BUT, if you have a 1989, you can get antique plates, which DONT NEED an inspection sticker. I believe that cars 25 yrs old and older qualify for antique plates. 


I am assuming that by your location RVA you live here in the commonwealth.

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I might try that & hope for the best. I think they're required to put all that info into a computer system now so I think they can look up what it was rejected for but i don't know if most places even bother to check. Might try & rig something up long enough to get a sticker & then put my old one back in once it passes. Can't get the kind of antique tag that let's you not get inspections unless you have another registered vehicle since you can only drive but so many miles a year on those tags.

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Sucks that they won't even accept it being sealed. What's the reason? Do you know?


I don't know of any other headlights that fit the TC. I have personally contemplated how to do projector conversions. I'm not convinced it would look good.


BTW, after the second RH headlight got a hole popped in it by a rock from a dump truck, I stopped driving mine as much. Just too many of those dumb things around here and I don't want to keep replacing headlights and windshields.

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