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Chrysler Imperial CG -- 1931 -- Cylinder Head

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I am wondering if Chrysler used an aluminum cylinder head as early as 1931, specifically on the big 385 cu in CG models? 


I ask because I see that the standard compression ratio was 5:1 but a 6:1 ratio was optional.  Was the 6:1 ratio the result of an aluminum head?  I didn't think anyone used aluminum heads that early.


-- Luke

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Raised compression heads ("Red Head" or Testarossa if you like) was a Chrysler corp offer from 28(?) and throughout the flathead era. Raised compression was achieved through revised combustion chamber, there is no mentioning of aluminum being used before mid 30s to my knowledge. And not as early as the CG.

29 Chry 4 Promo mekanisk Red Head (2).jpg

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