High compression head for 28 Std Six

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Ha...10836. That makes more sense.


The earliest Senior Sixes came out late spring 1927 with this distributor, but changed to North East 10846.

Victory, introduced January 1928 (manufacturing started very slowly end of November 1927) had 10846.

Standard, introduced spring 1928, had 10846.


There were adjustments to the advance curve resulting in 10846-A and 10846-B. (These all had dual points, one piece pot-metal distributor housing, now being reproduced by Glenn Smith with points plate taking dual modern points))


Finally,  Chrysler switched to 10845 (single points), late 1928, and this carried over to the 1929-30 DA.


The Senior engine was enlarged and otherwise tweaked, probably involving the change from 10836 to 10846.


This is more technical history rather than anything relevant to your work.


I will be discussing all this with guys at the annual meet with great interest. Thanks for posting your work. This is highly interesting.  I hope we can talk in person some time. I am in NE Ohio.





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