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Need info on 1907 1908 Orient Buckboard with V twin two cylinder engine. Leads?

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Helping a friend. The car is not for sale. They have a nice original 1907 Orient Buckboard with optional V twin two 2 cylinder engine. Option in 1907  and 1908 only. They would like to take the engine apart and clean before starting. Does anyone have any diagrams, parts, experience etc with these motors? Contact Stan in Illinois at stanzelhart@mchsi.com  or 815 351 2778.  I am personally always looking for 1903-05 Orient buckboards,Orient,Aster,and De Dion Bouton etc. engines  I can be reached at George Albright,Fla.  gnalbright@gmail.com  cell weekdays best 352 843 1624. Thanks AACA!

Orient buckboard 1907 1908#1.jpg

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