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What do you use to tow with?

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I’m not a pick up truck guy so my very day driver had to be a good towing SUV. I have used Ford Expeditions to tow my open trailer and 20’ enclosed trailer with my Kissels with absolutely no issues. The Ford Expedition SUV with the tow-package has the highest manufacturers rated towing capacity when compared to GM or FCA products, by more than a thousand pounds. You can also put a supercharger unit on it for a small cost (I didn’t). 

From Michigan, Ive towed cars to Montana, Texas, Wisconsin,  Kansas, etc. without any problem






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It's a 1994 with a 7.3 Power Stroke Turbo Diesel. Power train is good, but the rest of it needs plenty of work. I've come to grips with the fact I hate backing up a trailer and am getting worse instead of better!

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