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Franklin frame sag

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Of course there's more Model A's, they were made in the millions. Franklin's total production in 22 years is estimated at only about 150,000. They were far more expensive and weren't sold for the masses like Model A's.  You could buy four Model A's for what the least expensive model of Franklin cost.


If you were to push sideways on Franklin fenders verses other makes of cars, you'd see that there is only slightly more lateral movement than cars with half elliptical springs.  Franklin springs are made wide and strong enough so that lateral movement is not as much as you'd expect. The biggest thing you notice about a Franklin ride is how well that full elliptic spring suspension soaks up bumps and gives a smooth ride without having to be much heavier, like their competition.  And being lighter they don't body roll as much in a tight turn as heavier cars. So, because they have less body roll when cornering, they actually feel like they have less lateral movement, not more.


Franklins run about 1000  or more pounds lighter than other makes in their class, yet ride just as smooth.  And that lighter weight without sacrificing ride quality saves money on gas, tires, driveline wear, and makes steering easier, all while having the benefits of a larger, luxury class car.



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On 5/18/2019 at 3:29 PM, Brooklyn Beer said:

There is a late model 1925 Franklin for sale in the Portland OR area but am not too keen on only having a hub brake.  I guess that was the transition year for the  updated grill.  A 1925 Opera Coach Sedan he calls it.  Like the interior.  I see some modern wires going haphazard though.  He has not driven it much in the past 3 years except around the property.

That is a super body style and looks equally to be a nice 1925.  The modern electrical wire you see  running around is just too small a gauge for ignition - you need something pretty beefy to move power around in this car (I want to say I use 8 gauge).  You will have two wheel rear brakes and a transmission handbrake too (or you have a handbrake on the rear wheels and a footbrake on the driveshaft - I do not recall - but either way perfectly suitable to driving at 45-50mph.   Yes, 25 was a split year between horsecollar and more traditional grill. 

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6 hours ago, Brooklyn Beer said:

Good view of the double elliptical front springs.  How did they stabilize the front end from lateral motions when cornering?  Granted with no motor installed they were sitting a little higher then normal.

Best riding early 30's car and earlier too - EVER

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