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1917 Buick D-45

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Bringing this over from Buicks Forsale  to a larger audience...more info provided

Time to find next years project so I'll start early selling this years.


The Buick is back to life runs pretty good(Experimenting with hotter plugs this week).  The car was owned by  George D Smith, the chairman of UPS from 1962 til his death in the early 1970's. He toured with it on many Glidden Tours from 1953 through 1967. The Medallion Board comes with the car.  Car has a complete top but it is in poor condition, patched in 10+ places...side curtains are in good shape.  Tires seem to be just fine. Original interior is functional, the car was repainted in the 50's but looks OK.  Ive driven it 50+ miles over the last few weeks.   The gas tank was relined last fall. 


Price $9250  firm ......condition better than #4 but not a #3

buick spring 1.JPG

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Great a bargain price. Good driver. Someone is going to have a good time with that machine.......

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yes good driver 125 miles since back to life.  Location Northville NY 12134.


More pictures.  Was a Glidden tour regular from 1953 to 1967.  Undriven from 1976 til now

buick spring 5.JPG

buick spring 8.JPG

buick spring 9.JPG

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sold to the young man from Cazenovia  NY.  Real happy the car is going to the younger generation.


Nice talking on the phone to the other interested parties.  Now I'll have to find a project for next winter!!

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