F/S : 60 Olds cowl & grille piece

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• Very nice cowl panel, straight, no dents, no heavy scale, just minor surface rust. $75 plus shipping (will have to get actual cost once packed).
• Grille piece between headlights, I believe it's the driver's side by the angle of the piece. Chromed front area has only tiny spots; no major pits. I've not attempted to clean this up, but I believe it would and look very good on a driver car. $35 plus $8 shipping.

In central NJ, could always meet & pick up in person.60 O cwl 1 copy.jpg

60 O cwl 1 copy.jpg

60 O cwl 2 copy.jpg

60 O grl 1.JPG

60 O grl 3.jpg

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