1926 Master 6 Coupe??? Not Mine

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Larry,   I saw this one too.  FrankenBuick comes to mind.     Hugh

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 This was the first 1920s Buick ad I had responded to in 2010 about a 1926 Buick " Touring car". It was near Pittsburgh PA. I was running my thread "Looking for a driver Buick" at the time. I believe the asking price was $16,500.

3kd3o43pe5Z25Q35P3b9dff9f51b28b54148f.jpg.7b73e8a8b87940b34b50c5d7201243e1.jpg     3na3md3oc5V55U65R0b9d041a9d8e0db71d6c.jpg.3efcecad9196ebbd3c1f2474f4229194.jpg1926-buick-touring-car-restoration_qkcf9.jpg.c59298210ce81d7d350f6dd412c27b5b.jpg

Even with the very poor resolution photos they sent one could see that it was a cut down Model 20, 2 door coach. 1000085779_pa0716-256855_1@2x1.thumb.jpg.2a5931160c9a8272a887f1fae7236bf4.jpg

 I found this image of the same car much later somewhere while doing a search. Another FrankenBuick!



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