1727 Dodge Touring Horn Button

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I'm have a sudden burst of energy to get my 1927 Dodge Touring roadworthly. The horn button has been unreliable and I've pulled things apart but someone has been there before and I think I'm missing some pieces. Button is in centre of steering wheel. Has anyone pulled one of theses apart and has any idea as to what  should be there?


I have the button that someone has inserted a coin into presumably to bridge contact when pressed and the wire coming up centre of columns has a lot of insulation tape around a copper stud and it appears that when to push button coin contacts end of copper stud but its pretty hit and miss so I'm sure it wasn't built that way.


Any photos, drawings or advice appreciated.



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Not sure if mine is the same but I have the two Bakelite control levers with the horn button in the centre.  I was missing most pieces including the horn button which I had to make.


i made my button out of aluminium but I think the originals were Bakelite (so may a metal contact on the bottom).  Mine was quite simple - the wire that comes up the centre or the steering shaft has an insulating washer then a ‘top hat’ shaped contact soldered to the end.  That sits snugly at the end of the control lever tube. There is a spring (that needs to be a larger diameter than the contact) that goes between the top of the control lever tube and the the button.  When the button is pressed, it completes the circuit to ground - from the wire ‘top hat’ contact to the button to spring to inner control lever tube to outer control lever tube to steering shaft.


the control lever tube has a couple of bushes which probably help it conduct through to the other tube and then to the steering shaft.


ill try and find a picture.

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thanks so what I have is along the lines of the standard. Coin inside button would contact insulated button I just need to tidy it up a bit.

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