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32 ford coupe

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Hi Guys

looking for a bit of help with my 32 Coupe

in the UK to get the car registered i need to date prove the vehicle.

the title i got with the car has a number on under the heading "engine number" that to me relates to the "chassis number"

it starts with 18 that confirms it's a V8 model then has a six digit number.

my understanding is this is the format of the chassis number so is it normal to have it on the title under the heading of engine number

many thanks for you help


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The 1932 Ford had an engine number AND chassis number, I don't think they ever matched. The model 18 was the V8 equipped chassis the 4 cylinder cars had a B prefix in the number. Far more 1932 Ford info on the HAMB and Ford Barn websites. Good luck. Bob 

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Number formats differed among countries in which the vehicles were produced, but I believe the Ford-prescribed numbering procedure was the same everywhere (which is not to say every plant faithfully adhered to it).  Anyway, the engine/transmission assembly was numbered when it passed testing.  When it was installed in a chassis, the number was stamped in several places on the frame.  That was done by hand, so sometimes the prefix was omitted, numbers weren't clear, etc.  But supposedly the engine/transmission and frame numbers matched.  At least in the US, the "engine number" commonly was used for title purposes, probably because the chassis numbers cannot be easily seen without removing the body.  Regardless whether it's called the engine number or chassis number, it's the same number and is the serial number of the car.

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