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Reatta EMBROIDERED Lifetime Guaranteed Car Covers

Alan Faircloth

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Thanks to all the Reatta owners who have gotten in on this group purchase. We've placed the order and will only have about 4 or 5 extra covers if anyone is interested. Here's the details.

This group purchase is for the nicest, most advanced custom fit car cover specifically made for the 88 to 91 Reattas. This cover was custom made JUST to fit the Reatta. It has mirror pockets for the side mirrors to ensure the BEST fit possible. Both the COVER and the EMBROIDERY are GM LICENSED! These covers are made from a new, space age designed material. A material far more advanced in design than any other material ever made. It is SUPER LIGHT and HIGHLY REFLECTIVE and yet offers STORM rated protection! Did I mention that the cover has a LIFETIME warranty? NO OTHER COVER has a lifetime warranty.

Here's why this cover is the BEST!

* EXTREMELY lightweight and yet rated Storm Proof as to level of protection.

* 150 Denier woven polyester material coated with aluminized polyurethane and acrylic.

* Soft and non-abrasive to clear coat finishes.

* WILL NOT absorb water like some perforated covers (Evolution 4, etc.). SHAKES DRY IN SECONDS!

* Nearly waterproof, but breathable.

* Custom cut mirror pockets.

* Eyelets for locking cable.

* Snug fit all the way around.

* Long and low coverage that covers the wheels and tires to keep them clean.

I am CERTAIN that you will agree this is the Most USER FRIENDLY and PROTECTIVE car cover you will ever own. The revolutionary design means that its light enough for 1 person to handle, HIGHEST protection available, and will take up MINIMAL space. A week ago, I trashed a used $250 Evolution 4 car cover in favor of one of these covers but custom made for my 72 GS. WHY? PITA to use. Hard to put on, HEAVY dry or wet (but especially wet), REQUIRES trash bag to keep it from soaking whatever it contacted, NOT A GOOD FIT and MUCH MORE.

OUR cover is also a great value because it comes with:

Lifetime Warranty. Yes, Lifetime. No one else has a Lifetime Warranty cover.


Storage bag INCLUDED!

Cable and lock INCLUDED!


Available Value added options include:

Optional EMBROIDERY on the storage bag.

Optional Additional EMBROIDERED LOGOS on the Cover.

GROUP PURCHASE PRICE: $150 (WE ONLY NEED 12 orders as that is the minimum for the deal with the company) Don't forget that this price includes CABLE & LOCK kit, Storage Bag, Cover, and a LOGO on the front of the cover. Regular Price of the cover alone is $189.95.

If you want to see how it will fit, I have pictures of the C5 cover we just completed on a 98 Corvette. PERFECT!

CALL US AT 678-431-1408 or email to carmotorsports@yahoo.com


Alan Faircloth

CAR Motorsports

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