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39 Buick Special tires

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Spoke to tire dealer and he is concerned about the weight of the car for these tires. My Super is close to 4000 pounds, should this be a concern?

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Any modern tire in the correct size should be able to safely handle your Super. Hell, my Limited only weighs about 4800 pounds, so your Super should be quite a bit less. I can't remember when I saw a tire with a load limit below 1000 pounds and many are 1200-1600 pounds each. Besides, it's not like you're going to be running it hard and fast and flinging it into corners, right? Your tire dealer might just be looking at the relative size of the Super and thinking it's hugely heavy, but in reality a new Mustang is probably heavier (it's totally insane how heavy cars have gotten today).


I think any new, properly-sized tire you buy will be well under their safety limit on your '40 Super coupe. I wouldn't sweat it.

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