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Vacuum operated accessories

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6 hours ago, kgreen said:

Also unique to that car was that the wiper motor was hydraulic, driven off the power steering pump.  That gave you a variable speed wiper.

Lincoln (at least the Continental Mark III model) also used the same hydraulic windshield wipers.  I know on Thunderbirds, it was used from 1961 through 1971.



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After being in then auto body collision world for around 45 years I have my opinions,first off I started off cleaning cars,then asa painters helper then as a painter then as a metal man,first off as a metal man you started with a body file a pick hammer and a dolly and slapped.most body work in ,the shop consists of collision work not body work,body work finishes the job before paint,sIncethe mid to late 60 s  polyester filler has been used for a couple of simple reasone,1 it is faster,2it is less expensive3 alotof the sheetmetal is what they call is high strength low alloy steel,this steel is strong but thin and doesn’t take heat well,between heat and the weight of lead the industry needed a light weight filler,in the early years I believe bonds was just resin and talc,in the last15 years the filler has came along ways,4 th is thehealthconcernwith lead,bonds or polyester fillers was supposed to be used for imperfections only,but soon body men realized they could use it far thicker than what was recommended,when your on commission you. Work fast and cut corners,now for primers,in the old days it was common to use lacquer primer,you could apply numerous oats with no problem,body work was finished with 80 grit sandpaper,fast forward to today,the metal work is finished with 150 to 220 grit sandpaper,you cannot put numerous oats of primer as before,the primer now is more of a primer sealer than it is a sutfacer,you prepextra goodnow with these primers,the prick to a good paint job is always in the prep and prime,don’t cut corners and don’t try and hide your flaws,just my 2 cents.  Dave

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