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What is the story behind your “handle”?

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My name John and always favored and restored (among other Chevrolet's) 59-62 Chevrolet's with the 348 and 409 engines. I am the TA for the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America for 1960 full size Chevrolet's as well as the 348 engines, so John348 it is for me. Before the internet when people wrote letters and made phone calls I was always known as "John,  you know the guy with the 348 stuff"

The 60 Impala is a big car for a small person!  Not so big for me



John 60 Impala Posed.jpg

60 Impala E Engine Left.jpg

60 Impala F Engine Right.jpg

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Back in my younger days a couple  of people commented that " I looked like that fellow in the movie Caddyshack". And it happened a few time at various car shows and other events.

Having a 1904 and a 2004 Caddy in the garage just kind of fit also.

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Magic Marouke was the pedigree name for my yellow lab "Sam" . i left him in the UK when i emigrated to the states back in 2007 . had him 13 years and was an awesome companion .

 hated leaving him but i couldn't take him with me . he still lived with my ex when i left so he was very well cared for . he passed away back in 2010 and i still miss him terribly every day . 




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My handles is one I have used since the first emails were sent over the internet.  AVGWarhawk.  As a young man I had great interest in WW2.  The history just before the US entered the war and everything there after.  In my readings of the Flying Tigers(my love of the P-40 since I was 7) my handle was born.  (1st)AVG(American Volunteer Group) Warhawks(the P-40 that they flew).   Some ask what does average warhawk mean?  Just one or two get it.  One being the fella that rebuilt my vacuum wiper motor.  When I spoke to him he said, "That email is the American Volunteer Group yes?"  It most certainly is.    




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What a cute little panther ! We used to have one. His handle was Andy. Sandy and I saved the little guy when we stopped at the rest stop in Quincy, WA. We were Southbound, headed to Portland from North central Washington. He was just a baby, all alone, and scared. I heard him crying very loud, and called out to him. He came running and jumped up into my arms. We were traveling with another cat, and the two of them  became best friends instantly. Of course we never knew how little Andy came to be stranded there, and he never knew how close he came to being lofted away by a big bird, or being munched by a 'yote. I wish I could have a cat now.   -   Carl 


I just remembered I have some pictures of a friend's little she panther. She is very small and friendly. Said to be ferocious, and totally fearless in the face of large menacing monsters. I don't know anything about that, but I sure liked her curled up on my lap.



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