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Wanted, 1932 Chrysler CI parts

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Looking for: 


Freewheel assembly, dash to trans

Dash lights

Front shock hardware (and possibly shocks)

Drivers side door handle

Hubcaps (wood spoke style, "dog dish")

New rubber pads for brake and clutch

Grill emblem 




Jimmy S




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I have a 1931 Plymouth big medallion freewheeling dash knob with cable, not sure of if its the same as 32 Chrysler may have the exterior door handle will need a picture of the pass side even though its locker I need to see escutcheon and mount hole dimensions ctr to ctr and then the length of shaft from flat of escutcheon to end of steel shaft, then I can search, they made like 6 dif type chrysler outsides all with same handle but diff shafts and escutcheons.

Send me a PM of pics and measurements



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