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1922 Buick oiling tubes help

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Looking for some help with a question I have. 


My 1922 car was likely built the first week of production for 1922 since it's production number 605 or so.  The engine has a 1921 serial number but everything bolted onto it has 1922 numbers(Carb, Starter/ Gen etc).  I understand that later 1922s had an oiling improvement implemented so I was wondering if it is something I can implement while mine is all apart. I was told it was a change to pump more oil on top of the main bearings.

The parts book says that the crankcase oil delivery pipe in the oil pan changed part number after engine number 855100.  Looking through the manual, all 21-23 6 cyl cars use the same crankcase, oil pump, oil pump gears, oil pressure valve spring and oil pressure valve.  Looks like the only change was in the pipe and it should be the same for the remainder of 22 and 23.  Does anyone have a picture of this pipe from a later 22 or 23?   I guess I would ask if anyone would have a later pipe I could purchase also?

oil distribution tubes cleaned Jan 19.jpg

oil distribution tubes.jpg

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The late 22 and all 23 6cyl have an oil feed to the center mains.

My car 856901 has that change , it looks like it can be fitted to the older engines (pump and lines).



22-6-55 Sport touring

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As john states the late 22 sometimes had the center main oiling.   I had one engine with and one without I sold both engines to the guy that bought my 21 roadster...perhaps he still has them.

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Thanks John

Looks like they made several changes to that pipe.  Do those two center small pipes connect to something else or do they just squirt oil up into that oil gutter in the crankcase?

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