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52 Ford Victoria Crestline

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Hi all,

I am thinking about buying a 52 Victoria Crestline but I will admit that I know nothing about these cars. I've always liked the looks of the old 50's cars but never had much experience with them.

I want to make sure that I don't make the same mistakes I have in the past. Main mistake that I don't want to deal with is availability of parts. I recently (last year) purchased a 72 Skylark on an impulse buy, big mistake. Car had more issues than I realized and I quickly learned that parts are hard to find or expensive for those old Buicks. They're not like a Mustang or Nova where there are 100's of companies that make aftermarket parts.

I am having trouble locating a Forum that is specifically for 50's Victorias so I figured I would tap into the knowledge of you all here. What are your thoughts?

BTW, the car I am looking at has the original flat head and claims that there is no rust. Seller claims it just needs paint and a little interior (back seat needs to be re-upholstered). The motor has a new top end, carb rebuild, two new water pumps, new exhaust system new hoses and a new aluminum radiator, MSD distributor and wires.

Thanks in advance for the advice.

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I am sure you were in trouble with the first car you bought if you thought a Skylark  was a Pontiac. 


As to the Ford, be sure what you are looking at and educate yourself about the car. Make triple sure you know what you are looking at before the purchase. It should be fairly easy to find basic parts for that car. Post some pics if you like We would love to see it. 


Good luck on your hunt for a car.

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Looks like a solid car to start with. Being a hardtop is a big plus. Lots of Ford parts available. Seems a high priced to me but if it is what you like and want, then price does not matter as much. Just check it carefully and maybe even take someone along that knows older cars for advice. Two main things is to check for rust and make sure the paperwork is ok.

Look in the CARS FOR SALE forum just below this general forum and you will find a 53 Ford Victoria completely redone with a full frame off restoration for $24,000 to give you an idea of value. It has been on for a while so it may be bought for less. You can figure what it will cost to bring the 52 up to this level.

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The seller got this backwards: So, buy this car and join the flathead club.


Join the Flathead Ford Club and use all the resources of the club to buy the best car you can.


I have been an impulse buyer many times, but rarely an impulse seller.


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You probably already know that some of the body parts will exchange between 52-54 years, and some won't, not that it's an issue since the car in the ad looks more or less straight. I find most parts are pretty much available for my '54...but more so than a very popular model of Buick that's nearly 20 years more recent? That's hard to say. Victoria specific parts could be more of a challenge than general parts, but I'm not speaking from experience.


To me that car looks very promising, and the price seems fair if the visual appearance honestly represents the condition of the car...but that's a big if. As VictoriaLynn2 said/implied, don't apply condition/price ratios that work for other makes and models of cars to this car. That's a mistake I've often made in the past. 


Oh, and just my opinion: I rarely buy old cars from flippers. I will on occasion, but everything has to be just right, especially the price.

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Some have mentioned it as a basis to build on, well the thing looks about DONE to me. I'm a recent convert to 50s flathead Fords. To me it looks worth the money, (it's always a gamble). What I don't know is how having the Fordamatic might affect value. And I'd try to have a serious conversation with the guy about the engine block.

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Looks like a 12v conversion and a digital dash retrofit.

Ask lots of questions about how it was done and if there are any issues regarding the conversion.

If not done correctly you can have nagging problems down the road.

Clock looks like it is there, they were hard to come by at one time, don't know if that is still the case.


You can send out the original water pumps and have them reworked with better impellers to help improve cooling.

Those flat heads had a tendency to overheat if you drove them in hot weather.


Car looks very solid, but as @Fleek said, there is a '53 that is completely done for less than it would take to bring this one up to the same level.

But if you plan to drive this one as is, then you might be good.


My dad had a '53 for many years but it has been gone for about 7 years since he passed away so I am not up to date on all things Ford.

He had a 12v conversion done (even though I tried to talk him out of it), had the water pumps done and had an electric fan on the radiator so he could comfortably drive it in 90+ degree weather.


Good luck with your decision and I advise you take along someone that knows flat head 50's Fords when you go to look at it.

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Dave Fields is correct, I wouldn't touch that car, too much $$ and every item has been messed with.  Read the red flags here.......allegedly 36,000 miles and very original BUT body has been removed from the frame so everything could be slathered with black paint?  This was probably a decent car bought for a quick flip to an inexperienced buyer IMO, Todd C

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I had one of these several years ago. I flew down to Tampa and drove it 900 miles back to Kentucky. I paid $14,500 for it. I think the one you're looking at is priced a little high compared to what I paid for mine about 6 years ago. Whatever you decide to do with it good luck....






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