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1951 Ford Homemade Wooden Car with Flathead and Rumble Seat...

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22 minutes ago, TerryB said:

 Terminix is your go to guy when you own one of these beauties.  Imagine getting a termite inspection as part of the CarFax report!

Actually with the post hole beetles I see in some of the woodies I have seen,  might not be a bad idea on those. 

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   It looks to me it may part of good memories for 2 or 3 generations people, who, as kids remember summers and 4th of July parades, family reunions at the park, rides to the lake for swimming and picnics.  Just guessing, but I think this car was made for the enjoyment of others as well as the builder. It looks fairly well made too.  Jim 43

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Wooden cars and Kentucky remind me of that documentary about that North Carolina moonshiner made several years ago. I believe the old moonshiner's name was Popeye something, and he was a real character. He had a couple of Model A's, and I'm pretty sure one of them had a wood body. Fascinating (though somewhat depressing) film, if you haven't seen it. On youtube. I believe the guy passed away several years ago.

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