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1932 -- How to tell the CP versus CH

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If you are looking at photographs only, are there certain things you can look for to distinguish between the smaller 1932 Chrysler CP with the 298 cu-in engine and 125" wheelbase versus the larger CH with the 385 cu-in engine and 135: wheelbase?


Let's say that both cars are four-door sedans. 


Thanks --- Luke

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You're right.  I've been comparing photographs and that panel is much longer on the hood side.

The number of louvers is 33 on both the CP and CH, so that doesn't help.


The other aspect is the engine itself.  If you are just looking at a photograph, the small eight CP has the distributor coming out the side of the engine --- driver's side or left side.  The 385 CH engine has the distributor coming out the top, through the cylinder head. 

The thermostatic radiator shutter control is also different on the CH versus CP. 


But as far as I can tell, from the hood back, there appear to be no differences.

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Here are a few external differences.

Model CP has shorter front fenders and hood (notice space between hood and 1st louver), external spare tire clamp on top of wheel, smaller cowl lights, CP front door may be shorter length, smaller hubcaps, smaller wheels and tires, shorter bumper face bar height and the CP has crescent shaped bumper medallions whereas the CH medallions are more triangular in shape .

The CH gazelle has feathers underneath wings.

The CP radiator shell wears a Chrysler badge whereas the CH says Imperial. The crankhole locations are different.

Inside, the CP dash has no clock, CP door and window handles not as fancy as CH.


1932 Chrysler 8, model CP,  5-passenger sedan, body by Budd. Photo from Chrysler Archives incorrectly labeled as a CH





1932 Chrysler Imperial 8, model CH,  5-passenger sedan, body by Budd, Photographer unknown (from ebay)

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  I like to think I am very good at identifying these two cars, but I must admit, if you are looking at only one at a time, it can be difficult to tell the difference, especially depending on the angle you are looking at. From the front, the easiest difference is the bumper medallions, like Dan already mentioned. They are very different and easy to spot. The CH is a much larger car, yet from the rear it is hard to tell from the CP. They use the same taillights and taillight stands. The hubcaps say Chrysler Imperial on the CH, where the CP caps say Chrysler Eight. Unfortunately most photographs are not detailed enough to read the hubcaps. Both are beautiful cars, but I like my CH's better. It is also hard to tell a 31 CD Deluxe sedan from a 32 CP. I won't get into that, except again, the bumpers give it away.


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