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1940 Lincoln Continental Convertible - FOR SALE

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 This Lincoln is painted Stanhope Green (a custom order color per it's factory build sheet - possibly a one-off color on a Continental) and in person it is truly stunning (like it is knocks your socks off attractive in person).   The restoration was incredibly well done, though the owner sidetracked to restore a WWII aircraft (owner with his team restored several of the finest of WWII aircraft) and died before they finished up a few minor details - which except for pin-striping the wheels the work can be done at home with a minimum level of skill sets (mainly detailing and some overspray exists on the undercarriage via unibody nature of car).    


From a judging standpoint, I have looked over the car very closely, I would say with minimum cost and with a solid few evenings and weekends this car can be detailed back to show in AACA / CCCA (and win your First/Primary awards too) and major Concours d'Elegance.


It is a well known car of Nelson Rockefeller (and it was an equally nice car pre-restoration being a well maintained example from new)


It has been hidden from view and has never been shown since restoration - you get to be the first !


We were truly impressed at how beautifully it runs (and quiet just like a Continental should be).



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1 hour ago, John_S_in_Penna said:

John, do you have a connection to this car

or to the dealer "Significant Cars"?


It's nice to see custom colors on cars of this era.

They show that the company was customer-focused,

at least for the premium cars.

Yes, to both.  Shawn and I have a business arrangement, though Shawn has been doing inventory selection/sales day-to-day for years now and I have had a different day-to-day career path for years now, so I tend to be more on the inventory selection side and otherwise stand very quietly in the background.  I am happy to answer any questions.  

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1 hour ago, steveinky said:

I suggest that the inline fuel filter be properly secured before driving it any distance.

Agreed (it appears put on temporary - a regulator would be best placed near fuel pump under the car).   It has been stored with aviation fuel in it - a real plus.  

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